Hayley Gilmore is a graphic designer & educator based in Mississippi.


In her spare time, she creates artwork inspired by films, books, and any thing pop culture related.  Her professional design work and fine artwork are often intertwined due to her interest in visual storytelling and typography. She is a member of AIGA and SECAC, and she has been recognized at the state and regional levels for excellence in print design.

In 2013, she graduated with an MFA in graphic design from the University of Memphis. Since her graduation, Hayley has provided innovative design work for small businesses, PR firms, and non-profits. She has also started Ladies Who Design, LLC, a studio that strives to inspire creative ladies around the world.

Hayley has taught undergraduate graphic design courses at the University of Memphis, Mississippi State University and Arkansas State University - Mountain Home. Teaching and sharing are a crucial part of her art practice. Her research and design interests include graphic design in zine making, typography, and contemporary art and design.

Depending on the scope of the project, she is available for client work, commissions, and collaborations.  Feel free to contact her!

Artwork Featured On:
AIGA Eye on Design
Amy Poehler's Smart Girls
A.V. Club
Hello Giggles
Vanity Fair

Work Wish List:
Collaborate to produce opening titles for a movie or TV show
Design something for the Oscars
Work on a graphic novel or comic book series
Create a web comic
Start a YouTube channel