Professional Samples

The following professional samples are from my working experience at Mississippi State University, my graduate studies at the University of Memphis, and my experience as a freelance graphic designer.

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Student Samples

The following student samples are from my teaching experiences at the University of Memphis, Mississippi State University and Mississippi University for Women.

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ART 2223 Computer Assisted Graphic Design (UofM)
Introduction to computer graphic design; overview of technical and aesthetic issues relevant to graphic design profession.

ART 2219 Visual Thinking (UofM)
Fundamental methods in generating ideas for effective visual communication.

ART 4883 Graphic Design for the Internet (MSU)
An introduction to graphic design for the Internet, internet history, HTML, image manipulation, and the use of software to facilitate website design.

ART 261 Typography (MUW)
An exploration of basic typographic design with an emphasis on type and letterform as design elements.